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Easy and simple SHOOTING tips for kids basketball!

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been positive and full of energy so far. For today, I would like to teach you some quick basketball shooting tips that you can easily teach your child that will help improve their shooting ability. (Who said you need coaching from Little Boomers? 😆)

Shooting and scoring in basketball is the most fun and popular skill when playing the sport, so children are constantly trying to score from as far as possible and as many times as possible. Here are some quick tips that you can tell your child when there practising in the backyard or park!

It all starts at the KNEE’S!

What some children don’t understand is that when shooting a basketball they are under the impression that power comes from the upper body and that they must push hard and swing their arms faster in order to shoot the basketball from a long distance, this is not true. POWER comes from bending your knee’s and jumping up before you take the shot. So make sure that you tell your child – YOU NEED TO BEND YOUR KNEE’S MORE and watch them easily reach the height of a 10 foot rim.

EYE’S on the TARGET!

Children can get distracted from whats happening in the environment. As a parent observe where your child’s eyes are looking at the moment they release the ball from their hand. They need to make sure that they have 100% focus on the target which is the HOOP and nothing else.

2 Hand’s on the ball not 1 hand!

Keeping 2 hand’s on the ball is a real basic tip but one that is sometimes broken. Children who do not yet have the power to reach the rim tend to throw the ball with one hand just to reach the top, resulting in an inaccurate shot. It’s important that we teach the right mechanics early on and keep 2 hands on the ball, POWER will come overtime as your child practises more and develops their physical traits as well.

Give it time, your child won’t be a STEPH CURRY overnight.

You must understand that shooting is a skill and like any other skill, requires practise and TON’S OF REPETITIONS. The more your child practises (the correct mechanics too) the more efficient and natural the skill will be to them. Overtime as their physical traits develop e.g. Motor Skills, Height, Power etc you will notice shooting improvements overtime.