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  • 5 v 5 Competitions | Ages 9-12PROGRAM

    Build your Child’s Game Skills

    Our 5v5 competitions are a great way to introduce you’re child into the proper basketball rules, regulations and game structure. Our Boomers Team have structured a program that is designed to improve game skills in an environment that is FUN, SAFE and ACTIVE.


  • Our 5v5 Competitions was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, alongside with professional and accredited basketball coaches. All of our basketball classes comply with the Department of Health guidelines for Covid Safe practices to ensure the wellbeing of your child.


    • Improve your child’s decision making skills which can be developed through structured games and competitions.
    • Build conditioning and fitness levels by competing in full court basketball games, helping improve physical activity as well.
    • Receive both coaching AND refereeing feedback to improve your child’s basketball awareness and develop them overall as a player.
    • Develops social skills in a team environment where players will communicate with each other and work together as a team.
    • Full court games emulate real basketball gameplay experience. This will help make your child’s transition to external competitions or representative level much easier.

    MARK’S MOTHER – “Great program! My son enjoys it very much and looks forward to it every week! He is constantly bouncing the ball around the house now too.”

    Our 5v5 Games improve:

    • Fitness and Conditioning

    Full court basketball games will help improve your child’s fitness

    • Decision Making

    Making the right decisions in a game e.g. When to pass or when to score

    • Social Skills

    By socialising and interacting with team mates of the same age

    • Self-Confidence

    Your child will be more confident and comfortable when playing a basketball game

    • Leadership

    Learning what actions leaders do and take when playing sport