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  • 5 v 5 Competitions | Ages 9-12PROGRAM

    Build your Child’s Game Skills

    Our 5v5 competitions are a great way to introduce you’re child into the proper basketball rules, regulations and game structure. Our Boomers Team have structured a program that is designed to improve game skills in an environment that is FUN, SAFE and ACTIVE.


  • Our 5v5 Competitions was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, alongside with professional and accredited basketball coaches.


    • Improve your child’s decision making skills which can be developed through structured games and competitions.
    • Build conditioning and fitness levels by competing in full court basketball games, helping improve physical activity as well.
    • Receive both coaching AND refereeing feedback to improve your child’s basketball awareness and develop them overall as a player.
    • Develops social skills in a team environment where players will communicate with each other and work together as a team.
    • Full court games emulate real basketball gameplay experience. This will help make your child’s transition to external competitions or representative level much easier.

    MARK’S MOTHER – “Great program! My son enjoys it very much and looks forward to it every week! He is constantly bouncing the ball around the house now too.”

    Our 5v5 Games improve:

    • Fitness and Conditioning

    Full court basketball games will help improve your child’s fitness

    • Decision Making

    Making the right decisions in a game e.g. When to pass or when to score

    • Social Skills

    By socialising and interacting with team mates of the same age

    • Self-Confidence

    Your child will be more confident and comfortable when playing a basketball game

    • Leadership

    Learning what actions leaders do and take when playing sport