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  • Mighty Boomers | Ages 9-12PROGRAM

    Develops Skills for Competitive Play

    The Mighty-Boomers program is where we begin to develop you’re child’s confidence and skills for competitive basketball. Our Boomers Team have designed a program that will develop your child’s competitive skills in a challenging environment, that is FUN, SAFE and ACTIVE.

  • Our Mighty-Boomers program was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, alongside with professional and accredited basketball coaches. Classes are 1 hour long with 45 minutes focused on skill development and 15 minutes allocated for structured games. All of our basketball classes comply with the Department of Health guidelines for Covid Safe practices to ensure the wellbeing of your child.


    • Tailors to different skill levels by adopting a progressive learning approach, whereby a skill is broken down to enhance the learning process.
    • Classes are run in a safe and fun environment easy for your child to be comfortable in.
    • Our coaches are professional and accredited and will inspire, encourage and motivate your child to do their best.
    • Teaches your child sportsmanship and how to be a leader both on the court and off the court.
    • Advances your child’s basketball skills in preparation for structured basketball games or representative level.

    COBY’S MOTHER – “Excellent program my Coby absolutely loves it so much and I’ve seen him progress so well over a short period of time. The classes are really fun. Great coaching.”

    Our Mighty Boomer Program improves:

    • Communication Skills

    By socialising and interacting with team mates of the same age

    • Gross Motor Skills

    Such as jumping and running while dribbling a basketball and changing direction

    • Attention and Listening Skills

    Being able to follow instructions and execute correctly


    • Self-confidence

    Both on the court and also in school

    • Leadership

    Learning what actions leaders do and take when playing sport

    • Decision Making

    Making the right decisions in a game e.g. when to pass or when to score