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  • Testimonials

    From parents who had children in our program

  • Have a read below of some of the awesome experience’s parent’s and children have had with us!

    Sonia – Mother of Mark

    “Great program! My son enjoys it very much and looks forward to it every week! He is constantly bouncing the ball around the house too. This is a great introduction to team sports and learning skills first before moving into more competitive comps. He enjoys the team game at the end of each session too”

           MAYOR OF CANTERBURY-BANKSTOWN – Cir. Khal Asfour:

    “It’s so important to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle in our kids. That’s why I encourage parents to enrol their children into fun sporting activities which Little Boomers Basketball has to offer”.

    Jenny – Mother of Joseph

    “Great sport for my little four year old. He really enjoys it and he loves the matches at the end of the session. Thanks for keeping our little ones active. Good work guys”

    Xiao – Mother of Brendan 

    “This is a fantastic program, my son enjoyed the classes thoroughly, the classes are designed for young kids to get involved in sports early. Best thing I’ve done this year!”

    Karolina – Mother of Zac

    “My 5-year old son loves going to his weekly mini-boomer classes! It’s a good blend of learning and fun, and all the kids respond well to Coach Emile. It also promotes good sportsmanship, great seeing all the kids shake hands at the end of every class.”

          Lilian – Mother of Coby

    Excellent program my Coby absolutely loves it so much and I’ve seen him progress so well over a short period of time. The classes are really fun.Great coaching.