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TIPS on how to reduce SCREEN time for children

Hi everyone! Coach Emile here from Little Boomers Basketball.

Today’s blog post is going to look at the problems parent’s are facing in 2019 with an over abundence of different technology (e.g. Phones, iPads, Playstation, Computers and the list goes on) and how as parent’s we can help limit and reduce the time spent on these devices.

Now don’t get me wrong, the advancement in technology has helped tremendously in the education field as there are now many fun and interactive apps and online games designed to educate your child in a way that they can relate to better. However on the contrary, these devices have resulted in a huge amount of time spent looking at a screen which as you may know has come with negative side effects. So please continue to read along as I share some TIPS that can help you reduce the screen time your child consumes.

Use technology as a reward for completing a task BEFOREHAND:

Lets say that your child comes home from school and has some homework that they must complete. As an incentive if they complete the homework, then you may want to reward them with 30 minutes on the iPad for example. However you need to make sure that they don’t overspend time playing on the iPad as you need to ensure a balance between the two activities.

Keep your child occupied so that they forget about the games:

Children tend to spend a long amount of time over a screen usually because they are bored or having nothing better to do. So if you keep your child occupied through other activities e.g. sports, family events, going to the park, backyard fun and so on, then eventually you will notice less time being spent on the screens.

Balance, Balance and BALANCE:

As a parent, you need to ensure that your child keeps a healthy balance. Technology overtime can become an addiction and children can become very dependent on it. Teaching, educating and implementing the importance of balance to your child is crucial. Having your child play 15 minutes of sport followed by 2 hours on playstation is not keeping a healthy balance. So make sure that your child’s schedule throughout the day consists of a pattern of balance and that one activity is not overly spent extra then another.