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What a parent’s checklist following their child’s sport session should be ✔︎

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is going to be a checklist of important things that you should be thinking and asking your child  following their sport session or class.

1. Was the environment safe?

First and foremost is safety, period. If the environment in which the session was conducted in wasn’t safe then it should be discontinued immediately as you are putting your child in a potential risk, which is never good. So keep an eye it for a safe environment which includes no dangerous or harmful items lying around that children can have access to.

2. The second most IMPORTANT – Did you have FUN?

This can’t be stressed enough. If your child is not having fun or enjoying the class it should be stopped immediately or you should begin exploring why there not having fun. It’s human nature that whatever we do we like to have fun in doing it otherwise we simply won’t continue it. For example working in a job that you don’t have fun or enjoy doing will result in a negative attitude, poor behaviour and overall just a negative experience. So the first question you should ask your child after their class is – DID YOU HAVE FUN?

3. What did they LEARN?

Okay so your child had a very fun time and enjoyed the class but what did they learn? This is also very important, as yes having fun is great but at the end of the day everyone want’s to get better, learn new skills and develop as a person. You should always ensure that whatever the program is, you can witness and see your child learning and growing as the weeks go on.

4. Did you make any friends?

Your playing a team sport for a reason, making friends is all apart of the process. So following your child’s session it would be smart to evaluate whether they were interacting and talking to other children in a playful and friendly manner. There is nothing more better for a child then feeling socially acceptable in a team or amongst peers.

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