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What playing 15 minutes of a basketball game can do for a child

Hi everyone! My name is Emile, and I am one of the head coaches at Little Boomers Basketball. Throughout my years of coaching different types of sport to children (basketball, soccer, footy, cricket and more) I noticed that basketball training in specific, improved different skills and outcomes that other sports didn’t.

I’m not to sure why exactly this is the case and whether it may be the nature of the sport or just how the sport is played in general with children. Nevertheless, you will be amazingly surprised by the impact that playing 15 minutes of a structured basketball game can cause for a child. Now let me walk you through all the positive outcomes that can result of this:

You’re child LEARN’S structure:

When your child play’s a game of basketball, they begin to understand and learn the basic structure of how the game operates. For example, one team must score at one hoop whilst the other team has to score in the opposing hoop. They also learn that they can not impose physical contact on each other to attain the basketball (also called a foul) and they can not simply run with the basketball without dribbling it. (known as a travel) All these regulations help develop STRUCTURE, which for a child is critical to understand especially at an early age.

SOCIAL and TEAM skills:

When your child is playing a game of basketball, they are most likely playing with other children of similar age. Now remember, basketball is a team sport and is different as opposed to tennis which is more of an individual sport. Therefore they are required to communicate with other children which allows them to activate their social skills. A great example of this is a child asking another child if they could pass them the basketball during the game. This does not happen during a basketball lesson as the focus here is shifted to skill development, requiring minimal communication.

An abundance of SKILL DEVELOPMENT:

Basketball is one of few sports that utilise by the upper and lower body. Dribbling, shooting and passing requires exceptional hand-eye coordination that can be improved by simply just playing a basketball game and also through proper basketball lessons. There is also plenty of jumping, running and catching that utilise gross motor skills, which are movements that require a large number of different muscles. As a child, developing these skills at an early age is crucial for later years and playing just a basketball game can help attain that.

CONFIDENCE from scoring a goal:

Never under-estimate the power of what scoring a basket can do for a child. When a child scores a goal in basketball, there is this sense of fulfilment and achievement that happens, resulting in a massive increase in self-confidence. They also feel like they have helped the team as they are putting them in a better position to win the game. This self-confidence is like a domino effect that continues after the basketball game has finished. I have had many parent’s come up to me saying that there child has improved in school, is getting into less trouble and is more confident because of the goals and fun they had playing basketball. But remember, as a parent you should never emphasis the importance of winning and scoring as it will hinder sportsmanship levels and also motivation, as the reality is you can’t win every time. (that applies to sport but also life in general)


Thank-you for taking the time to read this blog. If you have any questions in general or would like advise on a certain topic, you can easily get in contact with me on email –


Have a great day!


Coach Emile – Little Boomers Basketball