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What to look for in a Sports Coach πŸ”

Hi everyone!

Hope your week has been going to plan so far. For today’s blog of the week, I am going to tell you some very useful tips to use when you as a parent, are evaluating a coach for any type of sport.

The coach is probably the most influential factor that you should take into account when signing up your child into a program. A great coach that is a role model to children will not just create an experience that the child will never forget, but it will also guide them into the right direction of healthy behaviour.

With my 7 years of coaching experience across multiple different sports and organisations, I will quickly share with you some specific details to look for in a sports coach.

1. They need to have PERSONALITY:

Coaching, interacting and talking with children requires you to have a bubbly, friendly and open personalty. This is what children can relate and connect too. Don’t get me wrong you do have to exercise discipline at the right time but you also need to CONNECT with a child at there level, and that only really happens when you have the personality to do so.

2. They need to be CLEAR and CONFIDENT in everything they say:

As a coach, you must be able to communicate with a child in a very clear and simply way. So if for example you are explaining how a certain activity is done, all it should take you is 1 or 2 times to explain it and if done correctly, a child should be able to comprehend and follow along. If this is not the case, then there is a good chance that the coach hasn’t explain the activity correctly or it is too complicated to execute.

3. They need to be able to ADJUST there ability to suit all different skill levels:Β 

The reality is that each child has a different personality and is at a different skill level then everyone else. So when you set an activity to do, you MUST understand that certain children will not be able to do it correctly then others. Therefore as a coach you must understand this and be ADAPTABLE in your ways so that every child regardless of there skill level can learn in some way.

4. The Coach needs to have STRUCTURE and ORDER

There is nothing worse about a session then having no structure or order amongst the group. When you are taking your child for there first session, look at the structure of the class and whether it follows a logical order or is all over the place. An ideal guide would be Warm-up first, Skill practise then followed by a game. That way the child is able to practise and learn the right skills then implement them in a game setting.